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2018-2019 Catalog SVC 
2018-2019 Catalog SVC [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Automotive Technology

Program Description

The Automotive Technology (AT) program holds a master certification from the National Automotive Technician’s Education Foundation (NATEF). The program has been a first place winner of the “Award for Excellence” and received recognition as the best college independent automotive program in the nation.

Automotive Technology (AT) is a competency-based program designed to prepare students for a career in the automotive industry. The program’s NATEF accreditation provides students with instructors and a facility that meets national standards.  These standards assist graduates in acquiring excellent job placement in the automotive career of their choice. Rapid advancement of new technology has created a need for highly skilled automotive technicians. Excellent employment opportunities exist in new car dealerships, independent repair shops, specialty shops and fleet agencies.

The Automotive Technology program combines theory and practical experience during six quarters of instruction. Students develop diagnostic and repair skills on late model vehicles in a well-equipped shop. Subjects include brake and suspension systems, electrical/electronic systems, automatic and manual transmissions, heating and air conditioning, engines, drivability, light-duty diesel, engine machining, and hybrid-electric/electric vehicles.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Automotive Technology program will be able to:

  • Develop the skills and knowledge to work safely in the lab/shop environment.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, technical and information skills.
  • Demonstrate professional conduct as an individual and as a member of a group in a workplace environment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to correctly diagnose and perform quality repairs on each of the vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Develop entry-level skills and knowledge for employment in the automotive industry.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to earn ASE certification in the eight specialty areas of Automobile Technician.

Entry into the Program

Program entry begins with an application through Enrollment Services. Students may enter the Automotive Technology program at the beginning of Fall quarter. Advanced standing may be requested for prior education or experience.

Tech Prep

Please see Academic Information  for information regarding Tech Prep.

Work-Based Learning

Students will integrate classroom learning with work-based learning experience in Cooperative Education (AT 199 ) at a supervised work site. Department Chair approval is required. Credits and grades are based on job-hours worked, work performance, and completion of the learning objectives specified in the learning contract. Concurrent enrollment in a Cooperative Education Seminar or equivalent is required. A special project (AT 255) may be substituted for Cooperative Education with approval of the Department Chair.

Associate in Applied Science Degree

An Associate in Applied Science Degree, AAS  is awarded upon completion of a minimum of 90 credits of specified technical and related education coursework above 100-level with both an overall 2.0 grade point average and a 2.0 grade point average in the technical major.

Program Certificates

A Certificate in Automotive Technology is awarded to students who complete the following courses with an accumulated grade point average of 2.0 and achieve technical competency.

Individual Technical Certificate

An Individual Technical Certificate may be developed in conjunction with other programs to meet marketable objectives and goals with Department Chair approval.

Industry Professional Courses

A series of courses to assist technicians currently employed in the field are offered throughout the academic year during regular degree courses. Classes are designed in several week blocks to accommodate working professionals and are taken alongside degree seeking students. Current offerings include (but are not limited to): AT 206 , AT 215 , and AT 226 .


Students who are not pursuing an AAS degree may earn a certificate focusing on specific skills within the Automotive Technology program. 


    Associate in Applied Science (AAS)Automotive Technology Certificates