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2018-2019 Catalog SVC 
2018-2019 Catalog SVC [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration

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Business Administration & Business Management

Students interested in business and management careers can pursue several different program options depending on their career goals. Students who would like assistance in determining which program option best meets their needs should see a general SVC advisor or Business program advisor. The following business degree or certificate options are available:

  • Students planning to transfer directly as a business major to a four-year college or university in Washington State should obtain an Associate in Business MRP/DTA degree. See degree requirements .
  • Students considering transferring outside of Washington State are advised to identify the four-year school they are planning to attend and to work with an SVC advisor to assist them in meeting the requirements.
  • Students who are not planning to transfer to a university can complete the Associate of Arts General Studies degree with a core of business-related classes. Students should see a Business program advisor for assistance in program planning. See degree requirements .
  • Students desiring a two-year career degree in business should pursue the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Business Management. This degree is not designed for transfer, but transfer options are available. Students should plan their program with a counselor or Business program advisor. See degree requirements .

​Four quarter certificates are also available in Business Management. An Individual Technical Certificate may be developed in conjunction with other programs to meet marketable objectives and goals with Department Chair and Dean approval.

Business Administration Description

The Business Administration department offers a variety of courses for the major and the non-major. Courses are available that cover topics in the fields of accounting, business law, statistics, marketing, international business, and personal financial management.

In order to successfully complete business major prerequisites (BUS& 201 , MATH& 146 , ACCT& 201 , ACCT& 202 , ACCT& 203 , ECON& 201 , ECON& 202 ), students should have placement scores at or above college-level reading and at or above college-level math. Successful completion of coursework taken in reading and/or math at the college level is also a sufficient indicator of success in these college majors.



    Business Administration

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