Jul 07, 2022  
2020-2021 Catalog SVC 
2020-2021 Catalog SVC [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science

Program Overview

Computer Science is the study of techniques to represent, store and manipulate information within a computer information system. Computer programming is a major component of such study, and is the focus of most of the CS courses listed below. If you are thinking of pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at a university, you should take CS 210  or CS 142  because success in these classes tends to be a good indicator of success in a computer science program. Consult the university’s catalog to determine which of the two courses best fits the requirements of that institution. If you are thinking of working with computers but aren’t sure if you want a four-year degree, see the Multimedia & Interactive Technology, Planning Guide  sections of this catalog.

Degree Options:

There are three degree options associated with this program. Click on the specific degree below to access the planning guide for each degree. The planning guides provide the specific career and transfer opportunities for each degree.