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2020-2021 Catalog SVC 
2020-2021 Catalog SVC [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Associate of Arts Direct Transfer Agreement, AA-DTA, Planning Guide

Program Overview

Philosophy is the “love of wisdom,” literally, but as a discipline of study it embraces a wide field of endeavors pursuing questions around human knowledge, behavior, and speculation about the subtler aspects of existence.  Philosophy draws upon schools of thought and cultural practices from all around the world, for the past several millennia, for its broadest history and application, but embraces matters down to the present day and the concerns of modern people.  The impact of philosophy on world culture, on religious movements, and on questions of daily functioning in society cannot be overstated.  What does it mean to be human?  What is the nature of knowledge, and how to we acquire it?  What is the best form of political, economic, and governmental systems for optimum human well-being?  Should there be limits on technological improvements and genetic engineering based on important shared cultural values, or should research and development in these areas proceed unfettered without regard for such objections?  These questions, and many others, can be pursued in courses in the discipline of Philosophy.

Sample Career Options Include:

Paralegals & Legal Assistants

Secondary School Teachers

Philosophy & Religion Teachers, Postsecondary   


If you are considering a major in Philosophy and transferring to a four-year college or university in Washington state, our Transfer Program Planning Guide is designed to provide you with recommended courses to complete your Associate of Arts Direct Transfer Agreement, AA-DTA  degree. Of course, educational plans may vary, based on which quarter you begin, how many credits are taken, placement into Math and English, and your preferred transfer institution. To keep you on the best pathway, we encourage you to consult with an Academic Advisor for scheduling options.

Program Map

Program Maps are an integral part of our Planning Guide. Each Program Map includes a suggested quarterly sequence of courses so you could earn your degree within two years of full-time study. Your Program Map is also designed to help you create an individualized, customized Educational Plan, which is required of all SVC students. To start creating your Educational Plan, please consult with an Academic Advisor. 

Program Map - Philosophy