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2016-2017 Catalog SVC 
2016-2017 Catalog SVC [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Studies SOCNAV, AA

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The Associate in Arts General Studies Degree SOCNAV is designed for active duty military personnel and their adult family members. This degree may be appropriate for those active duty personnel and adult family members whose primary goal is to earn a two-year college degree.

When a SOCNAV degree is requested, the student must complete a student agreement to have SVC become your “home college”. Your SOCNAV agreement allows you to complete your degree at SVC, even if you are transferred to a new duty station.

This degree requires a total of 90 college-level credits (courses numbered 100-level or above). A minimum 22.5 credits must be earned through an accredited college or university. A maximum of 40 credits may come from “gray area” credits and courses - see gray area  course list at end of degree. Examples of “gray area” credits include: CLEP/DANTES testing, military schools/ rating, independent study, credit by examination, Advanced Placement, seminars/workshops, and PE activity credits beyond three credits. “Gray area” credits may not exceed 40 credits through CLEP/DANTES testing or 40 credits through military schools/rating. At least 12 credits must be earned at SVC with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Credits must satisfy requirements listed below.

Course with an ampersand (&) are Common Course Numbering courses.

2. Physical Education (3 cr.)

At least two courses must be activities

3. Mathematics (5 cr.)

Select one Mathematics course (100-level or higher).

4. Natural Sciences (15 cr.)

Select no more than 10 credits from one department, including Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science (any except CS 101 ), Earth Science, Engineering, Environmental Conservation 165 , ENVC 202  or 245, Geology, Mathematics (100-level or above), Natural Science, Nutrition, Oceanography, Physics, Technology (any Associate in Technical Arts core course).

5. Social Sciences (15 cr.)

Select no more than 10 credits from one department, including Accounting, Anthropology, Business Administration, Computer Science CS 101 , Criminal Justice CJ& 101 , CJ 111 , Early Childhood Education ECED& 105 , Economics, Education &115 , EDUC& 122 , EDUC& 202 , Ethnic Studies, Geography, History, International Students IS 201 , IS 202 , Political Science, Psychology, Social Science 110 , 101, 180, SOSC 190 ,and Sociology.

6. Humanities (15 cr.)

Select no more than 10 credits from one department including Art, Communication Studies CMST& 102 , CMST 105 , CMST 141 , CMST 201 , CMST 205 , Drama, English, Ethnic Studies 210, Humanities, Music, Philosophy, and World Languages (one course maximum from first-year 121-123).

7. Electives (22 cr.)

Select 22 additional credits from courses numbered 100 or higher equal to 90 (minimum) college-level credit totals. Gray area courses include, but are not limited to, the following (exceptions count as academic electives):

Agriculture; Allied Health Education (including Pharmacy Technician); Automotive Technology; Business: BUS 112 , BUS 212 ; Business Management; College Success Skills; Composites Technology; Computer Information Systems; Communication Studies 125 ; Criminal Justice: except CJ& 101 , CJ& 105 , CJ& 110 , CJ 130 ; Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management; Dental Assistant; Diesel Power Technology; Early Childhood Education: except ECED& 105 ; Education Paraprofessional: except EDUC& 115 , EDUC& 122 , EDUC& 202 , EDUC 246 ; Electronics Technology; English 170 ; Environmental Conservation: except ENVC 165 , ENVC 202 , 245; Family Life; Firefighter Protection Technology; Geographic Information Systems; Human Services: except HSERV 141 ; Journalism: no more than 2 credits applied news writing; Library; Manufacturing; Marine Maintenance Technology; Media Communications: except 101; Mechatronics; AHE (Medical Assistant); Office Administration & Accounting Technologies; Paralegal; Physical Education (maximum of six credits in addition to 3-credit PE degree requirement); Political Science 131 , POLS 132 ; Psychology 104, 105, 107; Reading; Social Science 113 , SOSC 125 , SOSC 131 , SOSC 132 ; Technical Design; Technical Education; Veterinary Assistant; Welding Technology; any class taken as CLEP or DANTES or for military credit; independent study, workshop classes, SVC co-op 199 or Learning into Action (LIA) 299 classes.

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