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2021-2022 Catalog SVC 
2021-2022 Catalog SVC [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HS+ Adult High School Diploma

Program Overview

HS+ Adult High School Diploma is a competency-based high school completion program for adults 18 years of age or older who do not have a high school diploma. High school competency requirements may be met through high school and college coursework; prior learning; or learning gained from work, military, or life experience. Unmet requirements may be achieved through coursework at Skagit Valley College. Upon completion of the program, students are awarded a Skagit Valley College High School Diploma. Students can dually enroll in a college certificate or degree program while completing their HS+ diploma.

Benefits of getting a high school diploma through High School Plus (HS+)
  • Earn a valid Washington State High School Diploma.
  • Life or work experiences may meet required competencies.
  • Earn college credit while completing your high school diploma.
  • Meets High School Diploma requirements for employment and military service.
  • Teachers who care about your success!
  • Information and planning for further education or career training.

Cost of Program:

Tuition is $25 per quarter. You may take more than one Basic Education class at no extra cost. A tuition waiver is available for those who qualify.

Program Admissions:


While HS+ was originally developed to award high school diplomas to students aged 21 and older, the statutory authority in RCW 28B.50.535 that allowed the program to move forward allowed providers to award diplomas to students aged 18 and older as well. WAC 180-51-035 provides the applicable standards for graduation for students under and over the age of 21.

All students under the age of 21 must complete all graduation requirements, including non-credit requirements such as state testing and the High School and Beyond Plan, regardless of whether they are earning a diploma from a traditional high school or in a community college.

Students aged 21 and older are required to meet the minimum credit requirements for their graduation year and are not held to the testing and High School and Beyond Plan requirements.

Students who are 18 and older, but under the age of 21 who have completed state testing and a high school and beyond plan may be good candidates for HS+. These non-credit requirements are listed on the student’s high school transcript as: writing standards, math standards, and High School and Beyond Plan as either “met” or “not met.” Students, who are missing one or more of these non-credit requirements, will work with an HS+ program advisor to complete their High School and Beyond Plan and/or state testing requirements. High School and Beyond plans can be integrated into an HS+ program as part of the students pathway planning. Students can work with their school district to either complete their required state testing or apply for a waiver.

  • Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to earn an HS+ Adult High School Diploma.
  • Individuals age 16-18 who have not graduated from high school must provide a high school release form (obtainable from the high school were you currently live), or a notarized statement of homeschooling, if homeschooled.
  • Students under age 20 may be eligible for the Open Doors high school completion program for youth.
  • Individuals with a student or au pair (F1, M1, or J1) visa should contact the International Programs Office for information on class options.
  • Official high school transcript(s) for evaluation of completed high school coursework.
  • I already have GED. Can I still earn an HS+ Diploma? Yes!
  • I have a diploma from another country. Can I still earn an HS+ Diploma? Yes!
  • What if I am under age 18? You may still be eligible to enroll in High School Completion classes to either prepare for the GED or complete your diploma through the Open Doors program. When you turn 18, the classes you completed will count toward an HS+ Diploma.
Register for Classes
  • New students should attend a College Transition Information Session.
  • Mount Vernon Campus: Registration assistance is available in Lewis Hall at the Admissions Desk or in room L127.
  • Oak Harbor Campus: Registration assistance is available in Old Main at the Admissions Desk.
Contact Us

Mount Vernon Campus:360.416.7640
Whidbey Island Campus:360.679.5339