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2021-2022 Catalog SVC 
2021-2022 Catalog SVC [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing, Associate in Pre-Nursing, DTA/MRP

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The Associate in Pre-Nursing Direct Transfer Agreement or Major Related Program (DTA/MRP) streamlines preparation for the basic BSN pathway by ensuring students complete prerequisite courses for pre-licensure BSN programs (programs that do not require a nursing license for admission) at participating colleges and universities. Due to high interest and limited space in BSN programs, admission to all BSN programs is highly competitive with many qualified applicants, including non-transfer and transfer students, often finding themselves on admission waiting lists. Therefore, students pursuing the Pre-Nursing DTA/MRP should be informed that their DTA associate degree is highly transferable to all public (and many private) baccalaureate collges and universities.

BSN admission application deadlines vary; students must meet the deadline for the university or universities to which they plan to apply for admission to transfer.

Certain schools may have additional “university-specific” requirements for admission to the institution, not pre-requisites specifically identified in the DTA requirements, which will need to be completed prior to graduation. Contact with advisors from individual schools for institutional requirements is highly recommended since this DTA may not meet every institution-specific graduation requirement.

Students who complete this degree may also choose to apply for entrance into the Nursing, Associate in Nursing, DTA/MRP  degree at Skagit Valley College.

Sample Career Options


If you are considering a major in Nursing and transferring to…
…our Transfer Program Planning Guide is designed to provide you with recommended courses to complete your Pre-Nursing Direct Transfer Major Related Program degree. The Pre-Nursing Major Related Program (MRP) helps prepare you to transfer by requiring specific courses in the first two years that can reduce the time it takes to complete the bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Of course, educational plans may vary, based on which quarter you begin, how many credits are taken, placement into Math and English, and your preferred transfer institution. To keep you on the best pathway, we encourage you to consult with an Academic Advisor for scheduling options.

Program Map

Program Maps are an integral part of the Planning Guide. Each Program Map includes a recommended quarterly sequence of courses for a full-time student to earn this degree within two years. The courses align with the appropriate number of credits to meet degree requirements and is designed to help you create an individualized, customized Educational Plan, required of all SVC students. Please consult with an SVC Advisor to schedule courses and develop your personal Educational Plan.

First Year

Total Credits: 12

Total Credits: 15

Total Credits: 15

Second Year

4th Quarter

Total Credits: 15

5th Quarter

Total Credits: 17

6th Quarter

Total Credits: 16

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