Dec 06, 2022  
2022-2023 Catalog SVC 
2022-2023 Catalog SVC

INVEST Two Year Employability Certificate


The Individualized Next Step Vocational Education and Social Skills Training (INVEST) Program is designed to address the unique academic and employment needs of post-secondary students with intellectual disabilities including school district Transition Students ages 18 to 21. INVEST students may earn a 1 year ‘Fast Track’ Employability Certificate or a 2 year Employability Certificate. These are local certificates not currently recognized by the state.

SVC’s INVEST Program provides post-secondary access and ensures that students gain a variety of employment and life skills. The program provides integrated opportunities that include postsecondary education and training, academic enrichment, inclusive socialization and recreation, assistive technology, self-advocacy, independent living skill development, career exploration, integrated work experiences, and ultimately, gainful employment that matches each student’s interests and unique abilities. Internships in collaboration with Vocation Rehab, Chinook Enterprises, and the WDC are opportunities available for students enrolled in the program.

INVEST is built upon the foundation of the 16 Evidence-Based Secondary Transition Predictors for Improving Post-School Outcomes for Students with Disabilities, compiled by the National Post-School Outcomes Center and National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (CITE) and other successful program models.

Certificate Requirements

The INVEST Employability Certificate is a 2 year program (72 credits) in which students gain both employability skills and the opportunity to explore one or more areas of study through electives in integrated settings. Students complete a capstone project and have the opportunity to participate in an internship experience. The following classes are required for the 2 year Employability Certificate: