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2022-2023 Catalog SVC 
2022-2023 Catalog SVC [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dental Therapy, AAS

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Dental Therapy (DT) dəxʷx̌ayəbus - (pronounced as dahf-hi-ya-boos) is a Lushootseed phrase that translates to a Place of Smiles.  Lushootseed is a common language of coastal Salish tribes, made up of many local dialects of Native Americans throughout the Puget Sound region. The objective of the program is to deliver “smiles” since smiles are strong indicators of personal confidence as well as physical and mental health.

The Dental Therapy (DT) program at Skagit Valley College was created to increase access to quality, culturally competent, and primary oral health care. The program trains dental providers who are engaged as oral health advocates in their communities.  dəxʷx̌ayəbus is a dental therapy education program based on a non-dental hygiene model. Dental Therapy will modernize and expand the dental team in Native American communities.

The Dental Therapy program is a rigorous 3-year professional training program condensed in two calendar years. Dental therapy courses within the program are specific and build upon previous courses with concepts that start from simple to complex. 

NOTE: dəxʷx̌ayəbus Dental Therapy is a self-supporting program. Please note that per-credit tuition differs from the state tuition rate.

Degree Intent and Transfer Options

Upon completion, Workforce degrees and/or certificates are intended to give students the skills needed to move directly into employment. While these degrees are not intended to transfer to a university, students will be eligible to apply for admissions to Skagit Valley College’s Bachelor of Applied Science - Applied Management (BASAM) degree  or Bachelor of Applied Science - Environmental Conservation (BASEC) degree  and, in some cases, could transfer to other schools. If you are interested in continuing your education by entering a bachelor’s degree program, please work closely with your Academic Advisor and Department Chair.

Program Map

Program Maps are an integral part of the Planning Guide. The Dental Therapy program map includes a required quarterly sequence of courses so students can earn their degree within two years of full-time attendance. The Program Map is also designed to help create an individualized Educational Plan. If required, faculty and staff will work with the student to create an educational plan once they are admitted to the program.

Dental Therapy courses are only offered in the quarter listed for each class.

142 credits

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fall Quarter

Total Credits: 14

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