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2023-2024 Catalog SVC 
2023-2024 Catalog SVC

Education Paraprofessional, A.Ed.


The Associate in Education - Education Paraprofessional (A.Ed.) degree offers the needed preparation in critical education content to prepare students for employment as paraeducators upon graduation. It also prepares students for future transfer to a four-year college or university. The A.Ed. coursework is equivalent to a major relating to education and meets the requirements of employers, especially public school districts. 

This degree includes prescriptive coursework necessary to:

Sample Career Options

  • Education Paraprofessional
  • Public School Migrant Liason
  • School Age Care Supervisor

Transfer and Degree Requirements

If you are considering a major in this emphasis by transferring to a four-year college or university in Washington state, our Sample Schedule is designed to provide you with faculty recommended courses to complete your Associate of Arts Direct Transfer Agreement, AA-DTA degree. 

Your personal Educational Plan will vary based on many factors including:

  • The quarter you begin
  • How many classes/credits you can take in each quarter 
  • Your Math and English placement 
  • If you have credits you have already taken and plan to transfer them to SVC, visit the Enrollment Services  webpage
  • The college you are interested in transferring to
  • Other factors

To keep you on the best pathway, we encourage you to consult with the institution you want to transfer to as well as an SVC Academic Advisor, who will work with you to create a personalized Educational Plan and schedule that takes these factors into account.

For detailed information regarding the requirements that must be met to complete this degree, please review the Associate of Arts Direct Transfer Agreement information and details here: 

Program Map

Program Maps are an integral part of the Planning Guide. Each Program Map includes a recommended quarterly sequence of courses for a full-time student to earn this degree within two years. The courses align with the appropriate number of credits to meet degree requirements and is designed to help you create an individualized, customized Educational Plan, required of all SVC students. Please consult with an SVC Advisor to schedule courses and develop your personal Educational Plan.

96 credits

First Year

1st Quarter

Total Credits: 15

Total Credits: 15

Total Credits: 16

Second Year

4th Quarter

  • Credits:
  • Humanities - Credits: (5) 
    See Distribution Lists - AA-DTA for elective course options in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, & Humanities. Discuss specific course requirements with an SVC advisor. Students are responsible for checking specific major requirements of baccalaureate institutions.

Total Credits: 5

5th Quarter

Total Credits: 16

Total Credits: 14

7th Quarter

Total Credits: 15