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2017-2018 Catalog SVC 
2017-2018 Catalog SVC [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Conservation-Aquatic/Terrestrial Emphasis, AAS-T

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Suggested Schedule

Includes required AAS-T courses. Student schedule may vary based on entry point, credit load, and prerequisites. Consult with department chair or SVC counselor for scheduling options.


* Learning Community (5-10 credits) or 5 credits of General Education (natural sciences, social sciences, or humanities) from AA-DTA distribution plus Integrative Experience (IE). Must be outside of technical area, approved by Department Chair. Please see INDEX regarding Learning Communities.

† Students who do not receive an appropriate test score will require additional coursework to develop necessary skills for entry into class. (ENGL 170  can be substituted for ENGL& 101 ; WMATH 100  can be substituted for MATH& 141 )

ENVC 199  may be taken at any time during the two-year program with Department Chair approval.

@ Electives must be chosen from within Environmental Conservation , the sciences, or Geographic Information Systems .

** A certificate in boat piloting from the U.S. Coast Guard will be required for this class.

^ CJ 241 CJ 242 CJ 243 CJ 244 , or CJ 245  satisfy General Education requirements (LC/GE) and PE 200  .

£  or CMST& 210  

∞  or BIOL 133  

√  or CMST& 210  

º  or ENGL& 235  

€  or ENVC 225  

¤  or ENVC 232  

¥  or BIOL 205  

»  or CHEM& 110  

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