Oct 17, 2021  
2020-2021 Addendum Catalog 
2020-2021 Addendum Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Support Services

Counseling & Advising Services

Mount Vernon: 360.416.7654
Whidbey Island: 360.679.5319
San Juan Center: 360.378.3220

Website: Counseling & Advising

Counseling services: are also available for current or returning SVC students to provide academic/educational counseling, career counseling, confidential crisis intervention and/or short-term personal counseling, as well as referral to community resources to help students adjust to, cope with, and succeed in college. 

Advising Services: for help in planning a course of study, completing an Education Plan, or chooseing quartlery courses contact Counseling and Advising Services at the phone numbers or web page listed above.

For on campus employment options an online job board lists current work opportunities, you will also find some employment opportunites posted on the job board within the Counseling and Advising offices.

Planning Your Program

Determining your class placement is the first step toward student success. To determine the best classes for you, your writing, reading, and mathematics skills will be assessed. This will tell us the level of coursework for which you are prepared, as well as your readiness for entry into specific programs. 

If you place into different courses based on different placement methods, Skagit Valley College will honor the highest of your course placements. Therefore, you want to make sure to review all your options. Go online to learn more information about each option.

Most new degree seeking students are required to complete a First Quarter Experience during their first quarter, this may be CSS 103 - First Quarter Experience BUS& 101 - Intro to Business , or CSS 110 - College Orientation and Success  depending on their program of study. This course will provide you with a solid foundation for academic success and ensure that you have the tools and support you need.

In the First Quarter Experience, you will develop an education plan that outlines which courses you need to complete for your degree program. Ensuring that you have an appropriate plan to follow will help you to graduate in a timely manner and meet your goals. You are encouraged to schedule regular quarterly meetings with your advisor, before quarterly class registration, to help you decide on your classes and to update your degree plan. Prior to the advising appointment, you should study the class offerings listed in this catalog and in the quarterly schedule.

In you first quarter at SVC, you will be assigned an advisor to help you choose classes and plan your quarterly class schedule. Your advisor will discuss academic and employment opportunities in your field of study and answer your questions. It is recommended that students meet with their advisor prior to registration each quarter.

Academic Transfer Services

Mount Vernon: 360.416.7654
Whidbey Island: 360.679.5319
San Juan Center: 360.378.3220

Website: Counseling & Advising

Transfer services at each campus and center provide information and resources to assist you in choosing and planning your transfer to a four-year college or university.

It is highly recommended that you contact the college or university of your choice to learn about their application requirements. In addition, many academic majors have prerequisite courses, and admission criteria for entrance. It is important for you to contact your desired school at our transfer admission fair or directly, to learn these requirements. Contact information is available from your adviser.

TRIO Student Support Services Program

Mount Vernon: 360.416.7636
Whidbey Island: 360.679.5393
TRIO Student Support Services 

TRIO Student Support Services is a federally funded program, one of more than 900 similar programs nationwide. TRIO staff and peer tutors provide a broad range of academic support services to first generation and economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities. Our purpose is to teach students how to navigate the college system, identify their educational goals and achieve academic success. The following services are free to eligible students:

  • Tutoring
    Our skilled student tutors provide one-on-one tutoring to help you excel in math, science, English and many other classes.
  • College Success Skills Classes
    Our instructors will help you learn the study strategies used by the most successful college students. These include effective test-taking strategies, memory enhancement, time management, note-taking, reading comprehension and use of technology. You will develop an individual academic plan.
  • Academic Planning & Preparation for Transfer
    Advisors will work with you to look at your strengths and weaknesses, interests and personal situation, and make a plan that is right for you. We can help you understand our programs and degrees, including the variety of university transfer options and SVC Bachelor of Applied Science programs. You can also join us on university visitations.
  • Personal Support
    If you would like help dealing with the personal demands, stress and responsibilities of being a college student, our staff will take the time to listen to your concerns and can help you arrive at effective solutions. They can direct you to campus and community resources and opportunities for personal growth.
  • Resources for Financing College
    Financing one’s education is often a concern. Our counselors and instructors will help you understand the many resources available to you for financing your college attendance, including transferring to the university or staying at SVC for a Bachelor of Applied Science program, and can provide assistance and advocacy within these systems. Additionally, they will provide an understanding of money management concepts so you are able to make informed decisions about your financial choices. 

With the exception of the instructional components, similar services are available at the Whidbey Island Campus.


Mount Vernon: 360.416.7852
Whidbey Island: 360.679.5393

Drop-in and online tutoring is available free of charge if you would like to supplement your classroom instruction. Subject areas most often tutored include math, writing, sciences, and more online and on both the Whidbey Island and Mount Vernon campuses. Tutoring in other subject areas may also be available at either campus. Please contact the Tutoring Center at either the Whidbey Island Campus or Mount Vernon campus to learn more about tutoring subjects and schedules.

Veterans’ Education Services

Mount Vernon: 360.416.7610 - Lewis Hall 115
Whidbey Island: 360.679.5389 - Oak Hall 203

Skagit Valley College has two Veterans’ Education offices, located on the Mount Vernon Campus and the Whidbey Island Campus. These offices are staffed by veteran and military-affiliated students and staff who specialize in certifying students for their veteran and dependent education benefits, as well as helping students navigate college resources.

Services offered through the Veterans’ Education Office include, but are not limited to:
  • Assistance with obtaining necessary documents to utilize VA educational benefits
  • Eligibility requirements for and certification of VA educational benefits
  • Information on tuition waivers and residency status for eligible military-affiliated students
  • Understanding and assistance with navigating various college policies and processes (registration, applying for other financial resources, etc.)

More information on funding and educational benefits available for military-affiliated students can be found in the ••Tuition, Financial Aid and Funding  section of the catalog.

Disability Access Services

Mount Vernon: 360.416.7654
Whidbey Island: 360.679.5393
San Juan Center: 360.378.3220

Skagit Valley College offers a number of support services for students with disabilities to ensure equal and timely access to content, programs and facilities. Each campus is organized to provide reasonable accommodations, including core services to qualified students with disabilities.

You are eligible for services if you have a physical, mental or sensory impairment that substantially limits one or more of your life activities; if you are perceived to have such impairment; if you have a record of such impairment or have a condition that is recognizable and/or diagnosable.


Services and accommodations will be determined on an individual basis. They may include, but are not limited to: accessible facilities, alternate educational media, alternate testing, manual and oral interpreters, note-taking, alternative text, scribes, and equipment. Prior to receiving services, students must schedule and meet with the Disability Access Services Coordinator for the purposes of an Access Planning Meeting, to identify which accommodations the student qualifies.

  • Identify yourself as a student with a qualified disability
  • Provide documentation regarding your disability
  • Request reasonable accommodations at SVC in a timely manner
  • Meet and maintain academic standards.

Office for Student Equity & Inclusion Services

Front Desk: 360.416.6744
Director: 360.416.7938
Services available in Spanish (Servicios disponibles en español)

The Office for Student Equity & Inclusion Services (OSEI) assists traditionally under-represented students achieve academic success through programs and programming activities. Our programs facilitate student success by fostering and sustaining an inclusive campus community. Our goal is to develop programs and resources that promote equity, inclusion, and social justice awareness, education and appreciation for diversity. We support a welcoming, safe and constructive environment for all students.

On the Mount Vernon Campus, the OSEI is located in the Gary Knutzen Cardinal Center within the Center for Student Leadership, Diversity and Involvement (C-190).

The Office for Student Equity & Inclusion Services offers:
  • Monthly heritage events (i.e., Hispanic Heritage Month, American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, Women’s History Month, Black History Month, Asian and Pacific Islander, and many more).
  • Diversity and Equity Talks
  • Support Services for Undocumented Students
  • Leadership Development Opportunities
  • American Indian/Alaska Native Community Gatherings
  • Workshops and Diversity Conferences
  • Champions of Diversity Scholarships
  • Multicultural and Diversity Clubs
  • Summer bridge programs for high school students
  • Referrals to resources both on and off campus

Corrections Education

Mount Vernon: 360.416.7849

Corrections Education is a program designed to provide support and guidance to formerly incarcerated students who would like to further their education in order to achieve educational and/or employment goals. The program offers academic advising, career guidance, planning, and support throughout the student’s time at Skagit Valley College. To learn more call 360.416.7849 or email aaron.kirk@skagit.edu.

International Programs

Mount Vernon: 360.416.7734

Skagit Valley College has welcomed international students from all over the world since the late 1960s. Currently there are nearly 190 of these students studying at SVC, representing over 20 different countries. Understanding the unique needs of students studying abroad, the International Programs Office provides comprehensive support throughout the student’s tenure at SVC. This means that from the time international students apply, are picked up at the airport, and until their graduation, the International Programs Office is constantly supporting students in their new environment, helping them to succeed.

Please note that the International Programs Office is also the International Admissions Office where I-20s are issued and students are tracked according to policies set by SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System) that has been created by the Department of Homeland Security.

Learning Resources


Skagit Valley College has a continuing commitment to provide current technologies to assist you in the successful pursuit of your education. The SVC library has laptops for individual student use, general access and tutoring labs are equipped with student computers, and classrooms and study lounges have wireless access and multimedia units to support eLearning and educational networking. For added convenience to students, both Mount Vernon and Oak Harbor campus computer labs operate with extended hours while classes are in session.

Student Online Services (SOS) is available via phone, e-mail, chat and the walk-in window, as well as various online and face-to-face tutoring sessions. Help and training is available so you can successfully navigate Canvas, SVC’s online eLearning environment. Knowledgeable computer support is available in the multimedia production lab to help you with audio visual projects as well assistance with collaborative computer tools such as Tegrity, Collaborate, and Skype.

Website: http://library.skagit.edu
Email: mv.library@skagit.edu
Mount Vernon General Information: 360.416.7850
Reference Desk: 360.416.7847
Circulation Desk: 360.416.7837
Whidbey Island: 360.679.5322

The library is an essential part of educational life at SVC. Many classes require library research to complete assignments. Our library collection of more than 78,000print, e-books, and media titles is developed to support the different disciplines taught at SVC. The SVC library subscribes to multiple online databases, including Academic Search Premier and ProQuest Research Library, which index over 10,000 periodicals, ebooks, and newspapers. More than 5,000 of the indexed titles are full-text. Other databases provide access to reference books and articles in various disciplines such as health, science, social science, literature, and art. The library collection and online databases are accessible through the library’s website. A daily courier service between the campuses allows quick access to materials at either the Mount Vernon Campus or Whidbey Island Campus libraries.

  • Individual reference help offered in person or by telephone. Online chat and e-mail reference help available on the library web site by clicking “Ask a Librarian.”
  • Online Research Guides that provide library research assistance for specific courses and college initiatives.
  • Research Instruction workshops taught by library faculty in the library or in the classroom.
  • Conference rooms for group study with large screen monitors and computer equipment (Mount Vernon Campus only).
  • Silent Study Room with study carrels
  • Meeting room with large screen monitor and computer equipment (Mount Vernon Campus only)
  • Desktop computers with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and other program-specific software at the Mount Vernon and Whidbey Island campuses. (Mount Vernon also offers Apple computers).
  • Laptop computers with Microsoft Office for library use only and for one-week checkout with wireless connectivity.
  • Interlibrary loan services to enrolled students.

Library hours at Mount Vernon and Whidbey Island campuses are planned to accommodate both day and evening students. Please check the web site for current hours of operation. Learners are served on a 24-hour, seven-day basis through Internet access to the library collection and periodical databases.

Library services for students at San Juan and Marine Technology Centers are available via the library website. Materials may be requested online. They will be mailed to the appropriate center.

Childcare and Emergency Assistance

The Childcare Assistance fund can assist you with the cost of out-of-pocket dependent care expenses for dependents residing with you during the academic year for care incurred as a result of attending classes at Skagit Valley College (i.e. during periods that include but are not limited to class time, study time, fieldwork, internships, and commuting time to and from SVC). Dependents can include: any children for whom you are the legal guardian, step children or siblings who reside in your household whom you are responsible for caring for. Childcare providers must be licensed by the Washington State Department of Early Learning. Do not include children over the age of 12. Must meet income guidelines to qualify.


The Student Emergency Assistance Fund was established to provide assistance to students at risk of not continuing their education due to unexpected financial dilemmas. The fund is only allocated for sudden, urgent, or unforeseen occurrences that require immediate attention and would impact the student’s ability to stay in College and complete their educational goal. Students must demonstrate “emergency” financial need.

  • Rent ($1,200 annually)
  • Auto Repairs ($1,000 annually)
  • Gas ($150 per quarter)
  • Bus Pass ($20 per quarter)
  • Child Related costs ($1,500 per quarter)
  • Health Related costs ($500 annually)
  • Groceries ($200 per quarter)
  • Books ($333 per quarter)

Housing - Mount Vernon Campus

Mount Vernon: 360.416.7650

Campus View Village is the affordable and active on-campus student housing complex offered through the Skagit Valley College Foundation. Campus View Village is just steps away from the Mount Vernon campus and is a popular living community among student-athletes, international students, and others looking for affordable housing and close campus proximity.

Leases are quarter-by-quarter, making it an ideal option for students who may not be here for a full year. Also, rent is all-inclusive of utilities - one price covers housing, heat, gas, electricity, garbage, water, cable TV, and WiFi.  Each fully furnished unit is a four-person apartment, with individual bedrooms and shared bathroom and kitchen/common space.

Applications are on a rolling basis and occupancy is filled on a first come, first serve basis, so apply early!  For more information about on-campus housing or to fill out an application, visit www.skagit.edu/cvv, email us mv.cvv@skagit.edu, or call 360-416-7650.  Hours are: 8am-7pm Monday through Friday (Monday through Thursday during the months of July and August).

Food Services

A cafeteria on the Mount Vernon Campus is open every school day. The Culinary Arts students prepare meals, bringing quality and variety to the menu.


Mount Vernon: 360.416.7728
Whidbey Island: 360.679.5313

The Cardinal Bookstore is located on the Mount Vernon and Whidbey Island Campuses, with support for San Juan Center available at either store.

The bookstore stocks a wide variety of items, including course materials and textbooks - both new and used - as well as school supplies, uniforms, Skagit Valley College insignia items and clothing, backpacks, and art materials.

At the end of each quarter, the bookstore offers a textbook buy-back service. The bookstore web site www.cardinalbookstore.com can be used to purchase textbooks as well as to look up textbook information and pricing.  These services can also be accessed through the College’s online registration process.

Both bookstore locations remain open in the evenings on selected days during the first week of the quarter.