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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog

Visual Arts

Associates of Visual Arts, AVA, Planning Guide

Program Overview

The Art Department is committed to the value of the arts to all academic studies and offers courses for both majors and non-majors. Students who intend to transfer should be aware that they may be required to present a portfolio of work. Your advisor can provide guidance for you to prepare the portfolio. Students who take courses in the department have the opportunity for their work to be featured in the Skagit Valley College Annual Juried Student Exhibition. Students can also receive credit for working with arts programs and organizations in the community.

Sample Career Options Include:


This degree is intended to prepare students to transfer to Washington State University with junior standing with most of the prerequisites for an art major completed. This degree partially fulfills the general education requirements (GERs) for four-year transfer. You may need to take additional GERs at WSU. Completion of the AVA does not guarantee admission as an art major with junior standing. Admission into the WSU Art department is competitive. A competitive GPA and a quality portfolio are essential to compete for admission into the major. Students are strongly advised to select and plan courses with their Art department advisor.

The Associates of Visual Arts, AVA, degree transfers to Washington State University under an articulation agreement.

Program Map

Program Maps are an integral part of our Planning Guide. Each Program Map includes a suggested quarterly sequence of courses so you could earn your degree within two years of full-time study. Your Program Map is also designed to help you create an individualized, customized Educational Plan, which is required of all SVC students. To start creating your Educational Plan, please consult with an Academic Advisor. 

Program Map - Associates of Visual Arts  

Degree Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 90 quarter credits in transferable courses numbered 100 or above with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 in order to graduate from SVC with an Associate in Visual Arts Degree. At least 25 of the 90 credits must be earned at SVC. Credits must satisfy course requirements listed below.

1. First Quarter Experience (2 cr.)

2. Communication Skills (10 cr.)

3. Quantitative Skills (5 cr.)

4. Physical Education (3 cr.)

5. Diversity Requirement

At least one Diversity Intensive course is required. Students should use the SVC online quarterly class schedule search or consult with their faculty advisor or counselor to identify courses that fulfill this requirement.

6. Integrative Learning Experiences

Two Integrative Learning Experiences (ILE) are required. One ILE must be a Learning Community. The second ILE may be another Learning Community or an Integrative Experience.

A Learning Community (LC) is the integrated combination of two or more courses from different areas of inquiry (e.g. sociology and literature, or physics and math, or speech and economics, or composition and philosophy). Learning Communities are indicated in the course schedule and online schedule advanced search.

Integrative Experiences (IEs) are curricular or co-curricular experiences designed by faculty in which students demonstrate their ability to integrate information, concepts, analytical frameworks, and skills from two or more areas of inquiry in a purposeful project or experience. Integrative Experiences that are classes are indicated in the course schedule; co-curricular IEs are indicated in promotion and advising for the experience or project. Students may design a Learning into Action IE under the guidance of the supervising faculty member.

The Integrative Learning Experience requirements should be discussed with your advisor and planned into your yearly schedule.

7. Visual Art Courses

A. Basic Art requirements (47 cr.)
B. Art Electives (12 cr.)
8. Additional General Education Requirements (13 cr.)

You must accumulate at least 90 college-level (100 or higher) credits for this degree. Consult the General Education Requirements list for Washington State University in the SVC Counseling and Career Services offices or your Art department advisor for appropriate course selections. A maximum of 5 credits in gray area electives allowed.

9. Other Recommended Courses